Born in California, raised in Minnesota, Jesse first left for Europe when he was 19. Searching for the troubadour life, he followed his passion for performing into the Paris Metro and passed the hat in cafes across Europe, gathering the experiences and influences that would inform and inspire his music. A few years later, back in the States, he apprenticed on the bluegrass festival circuits in the Midwest with various combos and cut his teeth in the country and blues bars of the North Woods while still in his 20's.Jesse

In France, around 2006, Jesse formed Maison Dixon with singing/traveling partner Joe Wigfall. Along with jazz bassist Jacques Bernard, Maison Dixon brought American-style blues, ballads and bluegrass back to their traditional Scots-Irish roots, resurfacing with a "new, old sound".

"A stunning concert...remarkable," the papers wrote. "Maison Dixon surfs across genres to create a music that remains unclassifiable, like the group. Maison Dixon's music makes you shiver despite the heat: more than 30 degrees in the shade. 'Les trois J' (Jesse, Jacques and Joe) are without comparison."

During this time, Maison Dixon recorded their album Dogfood and Diesel and toured extensively in France.


Jesse Reece has jumped back into perfoming solo. He can be seen accompanied by his harmonicas and old-fashioned 'stomp box' or improvising with other musicians. Last year he recorded a live album in Rotterdam, Netherlands -Freeloaded- with trumpet player Stephan Kers. Jesse is currently working on "The Winslow Boy, an album about growing up in the middle of nowhere.  He is currently out on the road somewhere."